Monday, May 11, 2009

Eat white rice at your own risk

If Weight Loss were a war I am waging, White Rice would be the deadliest weapon of choice to bring me down.

You should know a few basic things about me to appreciate my frustration. I don’t lose any sleep over rich sinfully delicious chocolates. I despise Juicy, frosted cakes. I am not a compulsive snacker either. I am a vegetarian, eat plenty of fresh produce and walk past all things in a grocery store that is not labeled ‘fat free’. By this account, I should be skinny enough to get up on a catwalk and strut my stuff.

I blame the fact that I am not, solely on this white grain imported from Asia. To quote Lady Macbeth, “Who would have thought this little grain to have had so much evil in it?” It looks harmless enough. How bad could a cup of steamed rice be? Trust me when I say it is more dangerous than skydiving or bungee jumping or jaywalking on a busy San Francisco street at 10.00 in the morning.

Eating three tablespoons of white rice a day for 2 weeks will guarantee the following changes in your body and lifestyle:

1. Your cheeks will start to puff out and in the process pull both eyes inside their sockets.
2. Your long neck will be a thing of the past.
3. A crane will become a necessary accessory to lift you from any sitting position.
4. The skin around the wedding ring on your finger will swell like a balloon requiring the services of a doctor or a jeweler to relieve the pressure.
5. Bending and tying shoe laces will require the same intense concentration as maneuvering a submarine with nuclear warheads in enemy waters.
6. The sales clerk at the Department Store will offer congratulations on the impending birth of a non-existent baby and offer to model the newest fashions in Maternity clothing for you.

To top it all, the college kid hanging outside the Mall distributing flyers for $6.25 an hour will seek you out in the crowd and hand you the flyer about the next ‘Treating Obesity’ Clinic in the neighborhood.

You might say ‘What is the big deal? Kick the habit and switch to buns’. If you were a habitual rice-eater, you would know that it isn’t as easy as that. There is a larger conspiracy at play here. The attack on humankind’s health by this unlikely terror comes in various forms - steamed rice, steamed rice cakes called Idli, thin golden crisp crepes called Dosai, mouth watering delicacies like murukku (a dear friend today packed a bagful for me) and sweet coconut rice pot stickers called Kozhakkattai……………..

I know when I am beat. Nothing else for me to do except come out with my white hanky waving and surrender to a much superior enemy with my head held high.

-Meena Sankaran


jeyashrisuresh said...

i m really struggling to avoid to white rice,but cannot.The first step i reduce the quantity a much lot.Let me wait and see.

shyaminator said...

yea i'll try to stop eating white rice so i'll eat pizza instead, how 'bout that?...anyway it doesnt rly matter cuz i'm a kid anyway and kids need to eat a lot...

நாகு (Nagu) said...

உப்பில்லாப் பண்டம் தொப்பையிலே!

The lethal weapon is hard to resist. I am the living example!

Good stuff, Meena.

Jayakanthan - ஜெயகாந்தன் said...

Good writing Meena. Recently we discovered the Rotis(uncooked) from Costco (the ones from frozen section) made by Roti-Land USA - Tasted good and its just $7 for 30 in a pack. Taste was surprisingly good and better than other frozen ones. The only frustration was the defrost thingy. Man, what a pain to separate them - or May be I am clueless how to defrost 'em.

Meenakshi Sankaran said...

Hi everyone,

Thank you for stopping by and reading the article. Weight loss has always been a bone just out of my reach....Thought it will strike a nerve amongst all rice eating Asian population. If we can't conquer it, do the next best thing, I'd say. Make fun of it.

Ramky said...

Meena Jus reading the blog I have confidence that one day you will achieve what you want , jus remember that along with this the walking prog that you & Lavanya started ....Jus Kidding . The blog is very good , will definitely keep checking the blog.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

lol on #6!! Sometimes my dear girls ask me that!
why oh why shd it be this hard!???

Hubby has completely conquered it (darn him!!)
me? until i get there, will join forces with ya and make fun ;-)

Meenakshi Sankaran said...

'why oh why shd it be this hard???'

gnd, my sentiments exactly.

'me? until i get there, will join forces with ya and make fun ;-)'

Welcome on board and lets have a few laughs over it.

Meenakshi Sankaran said...

Ramky, Good to see you here. Thank you for stopping by.

Meenakshi Sankaran said...

Jayakanthan, Thank you for the encouraging words. I have never tried the rotis from Costco. Will give it a shot soon.